Manage versions

Versions will be used, e.g. for roadmap planning to track certain product versions or releases. Work packages can be assigned to a version. They will be displayed in the Roadmap.

Also, version will be used to enable the Backlogs module, i.e. to create a product backlog and sprints in OpenProject.

Read here how to create a new backlogs version.

Create a new version

Press the green + Version button to create a new version for a project.


You can configure the following information.

  1. Set a name for the version.
  2. Add a description to specify the version.
  3. Set status of a version, the default status is open.
  4. Choose a wiki page that you want to open directly from a version in the Roadmap.
  5. Set a start date and finish date for the version.
  6. Choose whether the version shall be shared with other projects, e.g. in the project hierarchy or subprojects.
  7. Select a column in backlogs view. This is only required if you use the versions to manage your Scrum backlog.
  8. Press the blue Create button to save your changes.


Edit or delete versions

  1. Click on the name of a version to edit it or on the edit icon at the right in the row.
  2. Press the delete button at the right of the version to delete a version.
  3. You can close all completed versions with the button at the bottom of the list. In order to close only certain versions, open the details view and adapt the version Status (see above).


Close a version

To close a version, open the details view of a version and set the Status to Closed.

close version