If you have previously worked with other tools and want to switch or need an integration to OpenProject, there is a way to do so for some applications.


The GitLab integration to OpenProject is currently being developed and you can find all information here. We are prioritizing this topic at the moment and will update this guide with the latest developments.


Currently, there is no direct integration between OpenProject and Jira. Since OpenProject is an excellent open source alternative to Jira, we have prepared a way to import tickets from Jira to OpenProject. First, you can export your tasks from Jira into an Excel file and then import these tasks via an Excel plugin into OpenProject.

If you would like to learn more about the features of OpenProject vs Jira please read here.

Microsoft Project

There is an integration between MS Project and OpenProject. However, the synch plugin is not actively maintained at this time. If you wish to find out more, please contact us. To synchronize tasks from MS Project to OpenProject, you can export your MS Project file to Excel and then synchronize it with OpenProject.


We do offer an integration between OpenProject and the time tracking app toggl.


We do offer a rudimentary OpenProject Slack integration. Get in touch to find out more.