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Welcome to the OpenProject User guide.

Here you will learn about all functionalities in OpenProject.

Overview of projects in OpenProject

Your work in OpenProject can be organized in multiple projects with a distinct set of members and their respective roles in that project. Each project can be individually configured with regards to the enabled features, which are called Modules in OpenProject. This distinction between projects provides you with a lot of flexibility to set up your work, and control what users are allowed to collaborate in each indivudal project.

Module is defined as an independent unit of functionality that can be used to extend and improve the existing core functions. Modules can be activated and deactivated in the project settings (information tab).

Both the community edition and enterprise edition allows you to create an unlimited number of projects to separate your work. To learn more about the creation and management of projects within OpenProject, please visit our separate section on projects.

Overview of modules in OpenProject

A module in OpenProject encapsulates a specific set of collaboration functionality. Modules can be individually enabled or disabled within the settings of a project.

Please choose the module you want to learn more about.

Popular Topics Description
Project overview page How to create a project overview dashboard with important project information?
Activity How to find out about the latest activities in a project?
Roadmap How to create a product roadmap with OpenProject?
Work packages How to manage your work in a project?
Gantt chart How to create and manage a project plan in a Gantt chart?
Boards How to work with agile boards for agile project management, e.g. Kanban?
Backlogs (Scrum) How to manage a Scrum team in OpenProject with a product backlog and taskboard?
Calendar How to display your work in a calendar in OpenProject?
News How to create and mage News for your projects?
Forums How to manage forums to discuss and comment on topics?
Wiki How to create and manage a wiki to collaboratively document and share information?
Time and costs How to track time and costs in OpenProject and report spent time and costs?
Budgets How to create and manage a project budget?
Members How to manage Members in a project?
Documents How to upload and share documents in OpenProject?
Meetings How to manage meetings to create and share meeting agenda and meeting minutes?
Manage projects Edit, create, copy, delete projects and change project settings.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How can I increase the number of users in OpenProject?

Please note that the minimum number of users is 5. You can then increase the number of users in steps of 5. Just write an email to

Is it possible to change the number of users in OpenProject?

You can always increase the number of users. The number of users can be increased in steps of 5 (e.g. you could start with 5 users and then increase the number of users to 10 users). You can purchase the Enterprise Edition from Simply click on the button “Book now” and follow the steps. A reduction in the number of users would take effect after the current service period.

What are the OpenProject system requirements?

OpenProject can be installed in two different ways: the packaged installation of OpenProject is the recommended way to install and maintain OpenProject using DEB or RPM packages. System requirements need one of the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic BeaverUbuntu 16.04 Xenial XerusDebian 10 BusterDebian 9 StretchCentOS/RHEL 8.xCentOS/RHEL 7.xSuse Linux Enterprise Server 12OpenProject also provides a Docker image for the Community Edition that you can very easily install and upgrade on your servers. The detailed system requirements are available here:

Can I run OpenProject on Windows?

At the moment this is not possible This article explains in detail the system requirements:

**Can I run OpenProject as a single user?

Our minimum plan is five users. Our pricing scheme covers three subscription options: Community ($0), Cloud (€4.95/member/month or approximately $5.60/member/month), and Enterprise (€5.95/member/month or approximately $6.73/member/month). We recommend to start with the community version free of charge if the 5 user minimum is an issue.

Do you have a reseller program for OpenProject?

We provide a reseller program exclusively for the OpenProject Enterprise Edition (currently not cloud) and offer a 25% discount on the regular prices as a part of this. Once you purchased the first Enterprise Edition license for a client, you receive an Enterprise Edition license for 25 users free of charge (for internal use). let us know once you have a particular customer request that we can send you a quote for.

When does my OpenProject contract end?

The user may terminate the contract at any time, which will apply by the end of the subscription period (including last day). In case of credit card payment the subscription period is one month or one year; in case of payment via invoice the subscription period is one year. The agreed subscription period will be extended automatically if the contract was not terminated on time. (

What shall I do when I run into payment issues with OpenProject?

In case you use the bank transfer payment method please indicate the invoice number. You can find this information in the corresponding invoice (OP…). Otherwise the automatic banking system can not detect your payment. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any further questions.

Does OpenProject provide resource management?

Please note that OpenProject currently does not yet support resource management. However, this is scheduled as our main topic for 2020. You can check out our roadmap here:

Is it possible to use multiple languages in OpenProject?

Yes, it is possible to use OpenProject in multiple languages. We support English, German, French and a number of additional languages. Each user can select their own preferred language by signing into OpenProject, clicking on the user avatar on the upper right side and selecting “My account” from the dropdown menu.You can then select “Settings” from the side menu on the left side and change the language. Is there an OpenProject app?There is no native app for OpenProject, but OpenProject is responsive - so it is displayed well on smaller displays.

Do you have a step-by-step guide to installing OpenProject Enterprise under Active Directory?

We have a guide on how to use OpenProject with your Active Directory: addition, with the Enterprise Edition it is also possible to link LDAP groups with groups in OpenProject:

Is OpenProject free of charge?

We offer three different versions of OpenProject. The (on-premise) OpenProject Community Edition is completely free. You can create a trial environment for the OpenProject Cloud Edition (which offers a 14 day trial). You can get an overview of the different OpenProject editions here: If you prefer to use the free OpenProject Community Edition, you can follow these installation instructions (note that you need a Linux server to install the Community Edition): It is always possible to upgrade to the cloud and enterprise edition – check out the premium features here:

How do I get access to the OpenProject premium features?

We offer the premium functions of OpenProject (incl. boards) for two different OpenProject variants:- For the OpenProject Cloud Edition (hosted by us),- For the self-hosted (on-premise) OpenProject Enterprise EditionIf you want to run OpenProject on your own server the OpenProject Enterprise Edition is the right option.Have you already installed the OpenProject Community Edition ( )? If yes, you can request a trial license for the OpenProject Enterprise Edition (via by clicking on the button “Free trial license”) and test the Enterprise Edition for 14 days.

Do you have OpenProject guest accounts?

Currently, all users working in the OpenProject Enterprise Edition need a license in order to access OpenProject. Regarding payments we only count the active (not blocked) users.

Can I import MS Project files into** OpenProject**?

You can indirectly import MS Project files into OpenProject using MS Excel. We offer a free Excel synchronization template which you can use to import data from Excel into OpenProject. Further instructions can be found here:

How can we download** the documentation loaded on OpenProject?

Currently, there is unfortunately no option to export all the documents in OpenProject. We could manually export the entire database (including the attachments) for you. Due to the manual effort, we would however need to charge a service fee for this. Please contact

Is there an OpenProject app?

There is no native app for OpenProject, but OpenProject is responsive - so it is displayed well on smaller displays.