Manage work package status

Work packages can have various status depending on their types, e.g. tasks can have the status new, in progress, done, on hold, rejected, closed. Or any other status which you would need.

The status can be set at the top of the work package details view or in the list view in the corresponding column.

Sys-admin-work-package-statusThe status field can be configured under Administration -> Work packages -> Status. You will see the list of all the existing work package status in the system. You can add new status or change the name and order of existing status.

Create a new work package status

To create a new work package status click the green + New Status icon.

work package status

A new window will open, where you will be able to specify the following:

  1. Name the new work package status.
  2. Define if the new work package status closes a work package (e.g. relevant when filtering for closed for packages), e.g. a work package status “rejected” will set a work package technically on closed and it will not appear in the default work package list with Open Work packages.
  3. Define if this status is set as default value when creating new work packages.
  4. Check if this status sets a work package in read-only mode. This means no work package attributes can be changed except the status.
  5. Set a color for the work package status. The color appears in the status button of the work packages or in the work package table.
  6. Save the new status by clicking Create.


Edit, re-order or remove a work package status

  1. To edit an existing work package type click on the work package name.
  2. To sort the status, e.g. in the status drop-down list of the work packages, click on the arrows to move the status up or down in the list.
  3. To delete the work package type click on the delete icon.