Process control for your OpenProject installation

Note: this guide is specific to the package-based installation.

Restart all the OpenProject processes

sudo openproject restart

Run commands like rake tasks or rails console

The OpenProject command line tool supports running rake tasks and known scripts. For instance:

Get the current version of OpenProject

sudo openproject run bundle exec rake version

Launch an interactive console to directly interact with the underlying Ruby on Rails application:

sudo openproject run console

Manually launch the database migrations:

sudo openproject run rake db:migrate

Check the version of Ruby used by OpenProject:

sudo openproject run ruby -v

Scaling the number of web workers

Note: Depending on your free RAM on your system, we recommend you raise the default number of web processes. The default from 9.0.3 onwards is 4 web processes. Each worker will take roughly 300-400MB RAM.

We recommend at least 4 web processes. Please check your current web processes count with:

sudo openproject config:get OPENPROJECT_WEB_WORKERS

If it returns nothing, the default process count of 4 applies. To increase or decrease the process count, call

sudo openproject config:set OPENPROJECT_WEB_WORKERS=number

Where number is a positive number between 1 and round(AVAILABLE_RAM * 1.5).

After changing these values, simply restart the web process:

sudo openproject restart web