Enterprise on-premises edition support

If you have the OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition you are eligible to get reliable, high-touch support from senior support engineers with expert knowledge about running OpenProject in business-critical environments.

Our support engineers are highly-trained to diagnose and resolve issues in your environment. We find solutions for the most complex technical challenges you might be faced with.

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA
  • Priority development and escalation
  • Dedicated senior support team
  • Consulting and training for proactive issue prevention

Support ticket

You can create a support ticket on https://community.openproject.com/projects/openproject/. You first need to register on the OpenProject Community edition to create a support ticket.

E-mail support

Please write us an email to support@openproject.com to get help with your OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition.

Contact us

If you have more questions, please contact us.