Enterprise on-premises edition guide

Welcome to the OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition guide.

Here you find support for the OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition. The Enterprise on-premises edition extends the Community edition and provides premium features, additional security features as well as professional support.

The Enterprise on-premises edition builds on top of the free Community edition. An upgrade is possible at any time. Please see a detailed feature comparison between the different versions of OpenProject.


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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How can I upgrade to the OpenProject Enterprise on-premises edition?

The Enterprise on-premises edition is an upgrade of the self-hosted Community edition. When you are already using the Community edition, you can purchase an Enterprise on-premises edition license to upgrade your OpenProject environment to the Enterprise on-premises edition. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://www.openproject.org/enterprise-edition/.
  2. Click on the “Book now” button.
  3. Follow the steps to purchase the Enterprise on-premises edition license. You will then receive an Enterprise on-premises edition license key by email which you can use to upgrade your Community edition to the Enterprise on-premises edition.If you prefer to test the Enterprise on-premises edition before purchasing, you can request a 14 day trial license from https://www.openproject.org/enterprise-edition/. Simply click on “Get free trial license” to receive a 14 day trial license. After 14 days it will automatically downgraded to the community edition.

Is it possible to buy and upgrade to Enterprise on-premises version on a Community edition already installed?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing OpenProject Community edition to the Enterprise on-premises edition. You can then continue to use the same data as before but also use the premium features. When you purchase the Enterprise on-premises edition, you receive an Enterprise on-premises edition license. You can use this license to upgrade your Community edition. To upgrade your Community installation, navigate to your system -> Administration -> Enterprise Edition. Here, you can simply click the green Start free trial button. You can then trial the Enterprise on-premises edition 14 days for free before booking. If you like the premium features and want to continue, you can easily book the Enterprise on-premises version via the Enterprise Edition menu in the Administration. Find more information here.

Do you have a reseller program for OpenProject?

We provide a reseller program exclusively for OpenProject Enterprise on-premises (currently not for the Enterprise cloud) and offer a 25% discount on the regular prices as a part of this. Once you purchased the first Enterprise on-premises license for a client, you receive an Enterprise on-premises license for 25 users free of charge for your internal use. Please refer to the link above for more information and the conditions regarding this offer. Please let us know if you have a particular customer request that we can send you a quote for.

I can’t login via SSO to update my EE token. What do I do?

Until this issue is fixed you can set the token manually via the console. Copy the new token and then do the following.

sudo openproject run console

Once in the console update the token like this:

EnterpriseToken.first.update encoded_token: "..."

Where ... is the token you have copied earlier. After that you can quit the console by entering exit.