Submit a feature idea

How to submit a feature idea?

  1. Login to the OpenProject community platform.
  2. Open the feature create form.
  3. Add a subject and detailed description.
  4. Attach a file (optional).
  5. Set version to “Wish List”.
  6. Press Create.

Feature idea guideline


  • The subject of the feature request should be as concise and crisp as possible.


[Backlogs] Grey out status fields in task board which cannot be used by role


  • The feature description should be concise and expressive.
  • Mention the reason why the change is relevant. Describe the associated use case.
  • Add acceptance criteria for clarification.
  • Describe the current behavior if it is to be changed by the request.
  • Using the following (user story) format, describe the intent behind a new feature request:


AS an OpenProject user
I WANT to only show the allowed status fields as active for which a status transition is allowed based on the workflow
SO THAT I am clearly aware which status transitions are allowed before doing them.

Acceptance criteria

  • State and detail the requirements in the acceptance criteria.


  • In the task board only show the status allowed for the role the user has in the project as active.
    • The status fields which are inactive should have e.g. a grey background to make clear that a user cannot use them.

Current behavior

  • If the feature request is changing existing behavior, briefly explain the current behavior.


Currently, all status transitions set for a type are displayed as active (independent of the allowed status transitions defined by the workflow).

Wireframes / Screenshots

  • If the request is visual, it is helpful to add a short wireframe or a screenshot in which changes are highlighted.
  • The wireframe or screenshot can be attached as a file and can be integrated in the description with the following syntax: “!Name_of_screenshot.png!” (without quotation marks) (Notice: Name_of_screenshot should be replaced with the respective name of the file. The file ending (here: .png) has to be adjusted to the appropriate file type of the screenshot.)

Example of a feature request

Feature Request